Cyberbullying & Depression Go Hand In Hand: ‘Trolling’ Is Not Always Harmless

Bullying is, presumably, as old as humanity, but research into it is relatively young. The way it has been changing over the years is what has been making it all the more dangerous. One of the reasons you hear about it so much today is because it is happening in more places than ever before. In the past, children were often bullied at school or in their neighborhood. Today, with the increased use of the Internet, each and everyone is now bullied in all locations and at all times. It’s a monkey on your back that you cannot escape. This has created an epidemic that must be stopped. Just a generation ago, computers were virtually unheard of and the Internet didn’t exist. Today not just the internet but having a posh social media life has become the need of the hour.

You look around and there would be a dozen people snapchatting and instagramming every moment of their life. If you think about it, bullying is the result of an unequal power dynamic, the strong attacking the weak because you stay anonymous. Sometimes I wonder if the Internet has made the world more rural. Before the Internet, bullying ended when you withdrew from whatever environment you were in. But now, the bullying dynamic is harder to contain and even harder to ignore. If you’re harassed on your Facebook page, all of your social circles know about it; as long as you have access to the network, a ceaseless stream of notifications leaves you vulnerable to victim-hood.

Time and again we also have seen celebrities face the brunt of it just because being a public figure requires you to maintain decorum virtually or otherwise. The hate is so much, that one physically needs to burst that bubble to stay sane in the real world. All we need is someone to push us to be stronger but what is happening on the Internet today is just pulling everyone down. A low blow is what you need to go viral which is the sad truth.

Started from the bottom now we're here xx

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Speaking of low blows, Adele after giving birth to her child went through a volley of hate comments which is enough to tarnish the confidence one may have built all these years. After the birth of her son last year, Adele and her husband experienced some major hate from users on Twitter. Many of these messages were extremely offensive and cruel, with multiple users targeting jokes about the singer’s weight. Not so long ago, we even saw hatred targeted towards the little Taimur Ali Khan who was just a day old. Have we really reached a stage where we hate a child who has just entered the world? It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Tom Daley, the British swimmer experienced Internet hate minutes after finishing his Olympic routine in 2012. Twitter mocked his deceased father, after what they thought was a disappointing performance. Tom was also targeted due to his position in the gay and LGBTQ community. Many Anti-Bullying charities and organizations came to the diving star’s defense, and legal action was even taken against Twitter users as some were arrested after threatening tweets were issued.

Baby boy 👦💕

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How can we forget what happened with Anushka Sharma? We’re all familiar with the scenario where people blamed Anushka’s presence for Virat Kohli’s poor performance in the match. She was bullied on Twitter and haunted by taunts of the entire nation. Now try and think logically, if that even makes sense?

And the DR 2017 shot is here!

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While many take this casually, research has proved that cyber-bullying and depression go hand-in-hand and this issue needs to be put to sleep. Virtual or not, any form of bullying is a violation and it is high time we start standing up against it.

This article was first published on Filter Copy

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” I Am Very Happy To Be A Part Of Something Cult”- Purab Kohli

Purab Kohli is not just a superb actor but is a sweetheart as well. Always crisp with his words, he is the one who always makes a lot of sense. He really wishes that Rock On 3 should be made as what happened with the second installment was extremely disappointing. Be it demonisation or other multiple reasons, the film did not garner enough interest with the audience and he feels for it. But having created a buzz with Prisoners Of War on Indian Television, he has again made sure that we still have hope for greater things on the small screen.


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The last time we met, you spoke of how excruciating shooting for Prisoners Of War has been. Now that the show is over, do you look back with a sense of pride? 

The show really took a lot from all of us as we were there for a long time. 9 months on set is like having a baby. That’s how long the show was on for while we were shooting. Especially when you’re a film actor, to give 9 months of your life to a project is a lot. Actors who work in TV are used to it. I did TV in the year 98 and now I was like wooooh! Every day of the week on set for 9 months, 14 hours a day for Prisoners Of War is quite something. The first thing I longed for was a break. So I took a 45-day break… Sigh! And finally, I shaved my beard. ( Laughs)

But a big round of applause is deserved for changing the format of Indian Television first again with POW. 

Thanks! You know, surprisingly the criticism on POW ( Prisoners Of War) has been very less. Whoever watched it, loved it. The only negative part of it was that it did not get those big television numbers. But nonetheless, one is certain that it was a path-breaking sort of show on television. One can look back and hope that there was a larger number of people watched it. I am very happy to be a part of something which will go down as a cult show. Maybe 20 years from now, when I do television again, people would talk about POW in the same light that they speak about Hip Hip Hurray.  ( Laughs).


Photographer – @rahulsawant 📸 #Photoshoot #Menstyle

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Having done substantial roles in stupendous films, do you think Bollywood is changing qualitatively?  

I think Bollywood by itself is becoming better. The number of better films are increasing. The number of masala commercial films are going down. Genuinely there are a lot of interesting things that are happening now. It’s nice to be a part of a film where you have a strong role be it Airlift or Noor and then POW when scripts are being written around you.

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Bring In This Week With A Spa Date

The scorching sunlight is all set to melt you the minute you step out. While you cannot skip going out for work, now you need not really go out for other things. Trust me, looking at the sun staring at me from my window, I am in no mood to meet with him at any cost and will find every excuse to stay in.



The heat is not just too much to take but also dehydrates your skin and damages your hair. As I keep myself hydrated through these torturous months with liquids, a spa date is just what the doctor ordered. Vanity cube came to my rescue and their sweetest employee Neelam took charge of taking care of everything I asked for. A relaxing day calls for a hair spa, pedicure, and manicure as I sprawl on my couch with my dog.


So I went in for a Crystal Manicure-Pedicure wherein the crystals not only help in relaxation but also removes all the dead skin leaving your skin with that shine, you’ve been waiting for all summer.  I recommend you really try this one. The sweet orange smell is so refreshing, I love it. I am telling you, you need this in your life.

unnamed (2)

Well, you can never go wrong with a Loreal hair spa. It works like magic on me as I have extremely straight & fine hair and I need a long spa to keep them hydrated from time to time.  I have never been disappointed with Loreal hair spa and swear by it.

With Vanity Cube a spa feels like a spa as you don’t need to do anything at all. They take care of everything. I am calling in for another spa date this weekend again and trust me you should too.

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Cast: Vidya Balan, Ila Arun, Gauahar Khan, Pitobash Tripathy, Pallavi Sharda, Chunky Pandey, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajit Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah

Directed By: Srijit Mukherji

Many times many directors lose whatever they have to say in translation. Srijit Mukerji has won many National Awards but a Hindi adaptation of his own Bengali film is not the one to swear by. Begum Jaan is a Hindi remake of Rajkahini by the same director and it doesn’t really ring any bell. It’s all talk and no action which is disappointing. The film is based in a stretchy harem in the year we got our Independence and Begum Jaan’s kotha has to go because it falls in the middle of the line of divide between India and Pakistan. The film is nothing more than butchering of everything that has blood and flesh with the background music overpowering everything that moves.


Why the film doesn’t hit the bull’s eye is because the plot is disjointed on many levels so you cannot connect. At many places, it makes a fool of itself which doesn’t let you take the film seriously. History is proof that whenever on any given canvas we speak about the partition of India and Pakistan, things ought to get dramatic so when you gather yourself to watch a film that has taken a leaf from the same booklet, you wish, hope, pray and keep your fingers crossed that the director has restrained the performances so it doesn’t just become drama galore. Come on! You want to watch other elements in the film and you know it. One thing that will not let you take a lot of things seriously is everyone’s accent.


It is all over the place and you’re just sitting there counting how much popcorn is left in your tub. Rather than sticking to a valid point, it hovers around many things especially towards the end where everyone is running, screaming, shouting and you’re wondering as to what just happened. Trust me, too much noise to take. The climax just doesn’t work, not one bit, not at all. But I have to point out Chunkey Pandey as an evil villain which is the bitter most pill to swallow. His job is to clear the path of the officials who want to vacate Begum’s Kotha. Take a moment and think about this…. and come back. I’m waiting!


Honestly, Vidya Balan is a flawless actor but when she can’t control what’s happening around her, it breaks your heart. It’s not fair for an actor of that caliber. Overall, Begum Jaan is clunky at most places and Srijit has not been able to put the puzzle together, so it looks neither here nor there. It could have been impactful but somehow it just felt like a half-baked pie.

This review was first published on Filter Copy

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Summer & Shoes

The summer wave has hit the city and my love for shoes is getting dangerous by the day.

I love experimenting with shoes and thought to incorporate juttis in my summer wardrobe.

Pastel Crush by ShilpSutra (1)

Pastel Crush by ShilpSutra (2)


I came across Shilpa Agarwalla’s,  ‘Shilpsutra’  and the creation stands apart!  The use of refreshing floral prints and innovative bird print juttis for each to pick from. The collection has a spectrum of colours to choose from being it ivory, bubblegum pink, whiskey crème and French blue keeping the season’s hues in mind.

Pastel Crush by ShilpSutra (3)

Pastel Crush by ShilpSutra (5)


Try wearing it with a pair of shorts this summer!


Available at :

Website –

Mumbai – Amara

Delhi – Shilpsutra 253a,  Sapurjat Delhi


“I Get Bored Very Easily”: Alia Bhatt

There is no denying that the Karan Johar’s youngest protégé is one of the most successful actresses there is in Hindi Cinema. It is not just by fluke, or by the blessing that is bestowed upon her by gracious Johar, but her ability to choose scripts that extract the best out of her, I sit down with Alia Bhatt to talk about matters of the mind over brewing cups of coffee.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.46.23 PM
Be it the breath-taking portrayal in Udta Punjab or Dear Zindagi…”it’s not for the audience honestly or because it’s the right thing to do and people will love it. I do it because I like it that way. I am not strategizing, I think like that. I get bored easily. I don’t want to do a serious film now but won’t mind a biopic, which will be different and have a true story to tell. I want to do comedy, I am waiting for somebody to offer me one. I want to satisfy my needs, my cravings.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.42.27 PM

This is what I believe in… your first film chooses you and you choose your next film. But it was the reactions to Udta Punjab that encouraged me to take up roles that are risky. Had people not reacted to my part, I would have decided not to do such roles. But I don’t understand why people think it’s such a big risk in the first place. It is just a character. When people appreciated it, I was relieved.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.44.15 PM

Alia Bhatt makes sure that she puts a smile to most people’s faces. You tell her this and she giggles, “I am a good student”’ are the first words that she utters after I ask her if she tried to fight her director Shashank Khaitan like her co-star Varun Dhawan. Even if you’re in two minds about believing her, her infectious laugh and the million expressions she has on her face while talking to you will make you forget whatever issues anyone might have with her. Trying to save Varun, she covers up for the other student of the class and says, “Varun is someone who keeps having arguments with his directors. He likes to ask a lot of questions. He’s got a difficult character after a long time and Shashank may add something new, change something because he likes to improvise…”


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.42.58 PM

Of course, I smile.. If you follow her on social media, I am sure you would know that she can cry at the drop of a hat. Anything in the world can make her cry.. be it hunger or a long day at set. Remember when she came on the episode of Koffee With Karan… she was caught crying because there were cheese balls in the menu. Imagine! But she says, “if I am tired or hungry, I cry for the smallest things. I react to these things like a child.” Guilty as charged…

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.44.48 PM


But this child-like charm turns into an excessive mature human being when it comes to signing a new one. Neither does pressure bother her, nor the curiosity. She scratches her head and ponders over it only to say, “I don’t know how the audience is looking at me, or what they think of me. I am the same person, I am just working. My achievements are the by-products of that. I don’t give myself that pressure from a third person’s point of view. I give that pressure to myself from my own point of view. I want to challenge myself.” And speaking of a challenge, if ever a biopic on Nazia Hassan is made, she wants to be a part of it. She was a singer and passed away at a very young age and if ever we get to see Alia donning that hat, it would be worth a clap for sure. But even after having achieved so much in such little time, one thing has not been struck off the bucket list and that is the opportunity to work with Raj Kumar Hirani. I think he is one man who every minuscule particle in the film industry wants to be around – “of course, I want to work with Raju Hirani and I also want to work with Nitesh Tiwari. I loved Dangal. I am dying to work with my 2 States director Abhishek Verman. I keep telling him we need to work again because I need his voice over my head. I remember during 2 States, Abhishek really pushed me and I need somebody to tell me I am bad.” Only she could admit that.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.46.53 PM

It has been quite a while since she has been working in the world of films, one thing which you don’t find easily in this fickle world is friendships. So I ask if she has found a pal or is still tip-toeing around faux friends of film. After a deep breath, she says, “I think friendships exist with people you connect with. I have lots of love and respect for Katrina Kaif. She is one of the leading actresses in the country. If anything happens and she needs me, I will always be there for her and vice versa. Even though I don’t talk to her everyday, I connect with her. It has happened over time.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.43.14 PM



Now that friendships are made and her recent film Badrinath Ki Dulhania is being loved by so many, she is planning to learn Kathak and cooking and piano. Thats a good plan. Blowing off steam after a long shoot is always a good idea. Hovering over her filmography, the next two in line are absolute works of brilliance, at least from the vibe of it – Ayan Mukherjee’s Dragon with Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor and Gully Boys with Ranveer Singh. “There will a lot of action around me in Dragon but I don’t think I will be beating anybody up. But still there will be extensive prep for the film. Ayan told us there is just one character in the film, there is no Ranbir and Alia.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 4.47.59 PM

We are one character. It is not a typical superhero film — Ranbir won’t be seen wearing red underwear! It is mythological, a sci-fi supernatural film. Speaking of Amitabh Bachchan, he is fabulous obviously. I hope I have some scenes with him. We will start shooting once Ranbir wraps up the Sanjay Dutt biopic. Speaking of Gully Boys, I have done enough ads with Ranveer to know that he is a united-we-stand-divided-we-fall kind of person. I admire his energy. He will always be in character, never be out of it. With his kind of energy, it will be great to work him. It will keep me on my toes.”  Let’s hope this girl gets to stay on her toes while she reaches for the sky… because strangely you don’t find strong actors with a warm heart every day. May your tribe increase!


This article was first published on Bollywood Film Fame

“I had to work hard to make people believe that I am good at what I do”: Varun Dhawan

You meet him and you cannot escape from the charm he carries on his shoulder. But don’t mistake him for just being a bundle of joy, he has a completely sorted head on his shoulders with his feet on the ground. I meet up with Varun Dhawan ahead of his film’s release and discuss the whys and hows of maintaining the jazz around the “Dulhania” franchise.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.40.36 PM

Recalling the first part in the “Dulhania” franchise, he feels, “Humpty Sharma was a hit because it had a lot of heart, people connected with the purity of that love story and that was the idea behind Badrinath Ki Dulhania as well. People are liking it because of the emotional connect of both the characters in the film.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.40.15 PM
But more often than not what happens when a second part comes out, the promotions pull down the actual content that the film is based on. Did you ever have to cross that off your worry list? “I’ll share one thing with you, it took a year and a half to come up with Badrinath Ki Dulhania. We did not settle for just anything. Honesty, Alia and I are in a strong place in our careers and we know that we will not do a film just for the sake of it, no matter who is making it. We share a very comfortable relationship with Karan Johar. If we don’t like something, we can say no to him. He has kept that option open. But Karan will never offer us anything that is not good enough.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.41.33 PM
Karan Johar is often antagonized for glorifying first world problems and not connecting with the heartland. But Varun feels that Shashank Khaitan (Director) brings a fresh wave in the Dharma Productions office because he hails from a small town and is well aware of most of the existential crisis people face there. He continues, “his way of seeing romance is very different from the way an urban person like me would see it. I had a lot of disagreements because I am born and brought up in Mumbai. It was very difficult to get the accent of my character right. The director sat with me for two months and held my finger through each and everything. The full credit goes to him. I have really worked hard on my voice modulation. Shashank basically removed the Varun out of me in this film. Most love stories done by Dharma Productions are very urban. I feel after Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, this is their next family love story. You know Karan always jokes with me and says that ‘Badri is Dharma’s Rajshri film’. Most of the problems here are the typical Indian problems, which we face on a regular basis.” In the middle of all the hullabaloo, I met with Karan Johar and discussed how he is quite excited to take this style of filmmaking forward when the actors remain the same but the situation around them keeps changing…”

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.41.44 PM


So, are you aware of the third part in the Dulhania series? Spill the beans, right here! “Honestly, it’s not in my hands.” Not believing this at all, but won’t poke in more. We’ll wait and watch! There’s more fun in it that way.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.40.57 PM


Speaking of fun and games, Alia and you have been best buds for a long time. He smiles and says,” “She likes to make sure that everything is perfect. We had to re-shoot a scene because she wasn’t happy with her performance. We had shot it long back but when she saw it, she felt she could do better. And I agreed with her. She always wants to make sure she puts her best foot forward. I’m happy that she is doing a film that I am in. If she is good, my film is good.” Followed by a lot of grins and smirks, he tells me… “ that is the truth. I’ll tell you more, we share a great relationship and a comfort level off-screen. It translates on screen. I would like to give credit to both of us, that we take our jobs seriously as actors. We didn’t take things for granted and never will. We have worked hard and always rehearse with each other.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.41.33 PM

That’s good to know… This is the best amalgamation of friendship- work life I have seen. Varun is one of those people that I like coming back to meet. That rarely happens in the business because, at the end of the day, many people stop inspiring you. But the energy he has is real and not just a put on and that is the best quality he adorns, just like a badge on his chest. In no time, he has become the voice of the generation and a heart-throb to so many teenage girls. The way he juggles a slapstick that Judwaa 2 will be, mixing it with a film at Shoojit Sircar’s helm, is as different as chalk and cheese but he knows he can do it… and with a smile on his face.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.41.21 PM


After so many compliments, he being the humble man that he is, thanks me and further says, “You know, the media has been really sweet to me for the goof-ups I have had in public. I had to work hard to make people believe that I am good in what I do. I am glad they have given a chance because many don’t get it. Years ago, I remember watching Judwaa in the theaters and remember meeting Salman Khan for the first time. The only advice Salman has given me for Judwaa 2 is to listen to my dad and don’t be over-smart! and I will follow that… Coming to Shoojit Sircar, the film is a love story which I am jumping with joy about.” An honest man goes a long way and that’s a quality that will take Varun a long way. Till we meet him again, I am Tamma Tamma-ing away to glory and hoping he never stops surprising us. Atta Boy!


This interview was first published on Bollywood Film Fame Magazine