Half Girlfriend Review: Your Survival Could Be In Jeopardy

I have never had the guts to read Half Girlfriend. It’s not that I have joined the Bhagat hating bandwagon. It’s just that a book with that name offends my sensibilities. Clearly, Mohit Suri decided he could make sense of the term and the material. But what he has audaciously dared to do is cringe-worthy. The film is one recent times’ most irrelevant work. It’s deplorable that barely weeks after an Indian film has grabbed eyeballs in the international circuit (Bahubali 2) for captivating hearts across, Suri comes up with a movie that neither has its heart in the right place nor has used any grey matter in creating something barely watchable.


It’s a story of two people who go from strangers to buddies in barely a scene, moving to lovers in the next. But mind you, they are just semi-lovers. They kiss but nothing more. And thus, when Riya asks him to take it slow, the chauvinist inside Madhav goes back to questioning the half measures of their relationship. How much is allowed and how much is alright? Before Madhav could find that out, his testosterone gets the better of him. He forces himself on her, she leaves for good – married to a childhood hottie.


You have the luxury of groaning through the story which goes from Delhi to Patna and eventually New York. The theme obviously doesn’t change – how Hindi as a language is the benchmark of status in society. Harebrained to say the least, the plot twists are silly. Riya is made to look like a tease evidently because of severe daddy issues. Every time her love story with Madhav gets somewhere, she takes off to a new land. Our hero will obviously not take no for answer. The pattern continues for what feels like eternity. At one point, someone in the audience got up and said ‘Bhai ab bas bhi karo’. Exact emotions, bruh!


Which brings us to the prime problem with the film. What is half girlfriend? It’s probably a sheepish and purist way of describing being friend zoned. Arjun plays his character well with right dose of puppy dog eyes but it’s time he asks his ‘Bihari’ tutor for a refund. You’ll abhor his diction almost as much as you’ll hate looking at Shraddha who grunts more than needed, speaks English just because it’s cool and does very little besides looking pretty. They have zilch chemistry and that doesn’t help in making the film any less of a dud than it already is.

In case you want to catch it, remember your survival could be in jeopardy. Tread at your own risk.

This article was first published on Filtercopy

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