Sarkar 3: A Lost Cause

The minute one thinks of Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar, the Govinda chant begins to haunt you. The way Amitabh Bachchan takes charge as Sarkar is petrifying and inspiring at the same time. Sarkar 3 could have been the bulls eye, RGV has been looking for but it slipped once again. The bigger problem is how can you let a narrative slip when you have brilliant actors working for you? Puzzled, aren’t you? So was I.

sarkar-3_640x480_61494553800 (1)

You walk in the theater and you start to feel eery the minute you see the tone of the film which has been retained. The palette of the film is still brooding and will give you the chills. When we talk about Amitabh Bachchan, we know they don’t make actors like him anymore. Subhash Nagre still does what he feels is right and doesn’t really give a damn about others in the bargain. Bachchan is compelling as Sarkar- the patriarch of the most powerful political family in Maharashtra. Having lost two sons, he has mellowed down but the clout still remains. It is immense!


The trailer of the third installment promised Sarkar to be angrier than ever, so I naturally assumed that the film would be three times furious at least. But it’s nothing like that. It feels like an old wine in a new bottle as whatever had to be exploited from the story of Nagre family has been done. At this point, no one matches the wavelength of Bachchan to be able to give him a neck to neck competition. Not even the ones he is at war with. We know the outcome and that’s not thrilling at all.


Amit Sadh joins the family as Cheeku aka Shivaji Nagre- Sarkar’s grandson. His relationship with his grandfather is quite twisted. His love and hate for the man is in equal parts which could have created magic for this evil narrative but then could’ve would’ve should’ve… why are we crying here. Jackie Shroff as a Dubai based businessman and Manoj Bajpayee as a rebel do not want Sarkar to be the utmost power but the impact of these characters was lost in the middle. While Jackie Shroff is busy disliking ‘girls with a heart’, Bajpayee, the most powerful actor we have is also wasted and has to take a back seat. Ronit Roy tries very hard to fit the bill but the problem lies in the writing so none of the characters are able to make Sarkar 3 what it should have been.


More than anything Sarkar 3 is a lost cause as I wonder if we even needed this unnecessary carryover.

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