” I Am Very Happy To Be A Part Of Something Cult”- Purab Kohli

Purab Kohli is not just a superb actor but is a sweetheart as well. Always crisp with his words, he is the one who always makes a lot of sense. He really wishes that Rock On 3 should be made as what happened with the second installment was extremely disappointing. Be it demonisation or other multiple reasons, the film did not garner enough interest with the audience and he feels for it. But having created a buzz with Prisoners Of War on Indian Television, he has again made sure that we still have hope for greater things on the small screen.


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The last time we met, you spoke of how excruciating shooting for Prisoners Of War has been. Now that the show is over, do you look back with a sense of pride? 

The show really took a lot from all of us as we were there for a long time. 9 months on set is like having a baby. That’s how long the show was on for while we were shooting. Especially when you’re a film actor, to give 9 months of your life to a project is a lot. Actors who work in TV are used to it. I did TV in the year 98 and now I was like wooooh! Every day of the week on set for 9 months, 14 hours a day for Prisoners Of War is quite something. The first thing I longed for was a break. So I took a 45-day break… Sigh! And finally, I shaved my beard. ( Laughs)

But a big round of applause is deserved for changing the format of Indian Television first again with POW. 

Thanks! You know, surprisingly the criticism on POW ( Prisoners Of War) has been very less. Whoever watched it, loved it. The only negative part of it was that it did not get those big television numbers. But nonetheless, one is certain that it was a path-breaking sort of show on television. One can look back and hope that there was a larger number of people watched it. I am very happy to be a part of something which will go down as a cult show. Maybe 20 years from now, when I do television again, people would talk about POW in the same light that they speak about Hip Hip Hurray.  ( Laughs).


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Having done substantial roles in stupendous films, do you think Bollywood is changing qualitatively?  

I think Bollywood by itself is becoming better. The number of better films are increasing. The number of masala commercial films are going down. Genuinely there are a lot of interesting things that are happening now. It’s nice to be a part of a film where you have a strong role be it Airlift or Noor and then POW when scripts are being written around you.

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