This Makhichoos Will Make You Roll Off The Floor

Cast: Asrani, Nirupma Verma, Pranav Sachdev, Enab Khizra, Purusharth Bhudhiraja, Anubha Arora, Anil Kumar, Nirmal Korhari & Gurnavdeep Singh.

Directed By: Pranav Sachdev

For a person who watches films for a living, watching actors perform right in front of their eyes is nothing short of a treat. Personally, I have always loved performing artists because as they perform, you surrender yourself to be a part of them. There are no distractions because everything is happening in that moment, and every farcical element feels real.


Shikhar (Pranav Sachdev) &  Topan Lal ( Asrani) fall for the same girl.

Recently the modern adaptation of the classic comedy — The Miser by Moliere got my heart pumping once again. It was just what the doctored ordered. Director-Actor, Pranav Sachdev with his team molded the classic as an Indian comedy and the audience couldn’t help but giggle throughout. I was happy that I was in Delhi to witness the madness that this team served all of us.


Topan Lal ( Asrani) has set his eyes on his son’s girlfriend Madhuri (Anubha Arora) and won’t give up.

Makhichoos Topan Lal is no less than Uncle Scrooge with aspirations as high as the sky and morality stooping to the lowest. Topan Lal essayed by Asrani wants to die with all the wealth he has accumulated over the years and prefers starving over spending money for a decent feast. But his plans fail when 10,000 gold biscuits are nowhere to be found. His energy is something else as he makes sure that whenever he comes on stage, you are looking at him. Since money is his religion, he does not even blink an eyelid before thinking of marrying a girl half his age. Oblivious to what the reality is, all he sees in Madhuri is a big fat cheque and not that his own son is in love with her.


Topan Lal (Asrani) wants money, Alfu (Gurnavdeep Singh) wants a new Pajama and Hawaldaar ( Anil Kumar) needs a prey for the day.

Pranav Sachdev does deserve a special mention because he not only held fort strongly but also guided all the actors on stage. From adapting the play to directing it, he is the one to look out. He essays the part of Shikhar with a flimsy dressing sense which matches the essence of Pom Pom Nagri, the farcical land where you can break into a musical, anytime you want.

16806889_1255134181242565_2878476480735853911_nEven though all the actors on stage were spot on with the parts they were essaying, Purusharth Budhiraja as Santosh and Gurnavdeep Singh as Alfu were my favorites. Both work at Topan Lal’s house without expecting any fee in return. Strangely they have accepted the truth that they would never be paid in this Miser house… which brings out so many quirks, that it’s hard to keep a straight face. Trust me you cannot. All comedy needs is timing and to be able to make each and every member of the audience go nuts in real time is commendable.


On one hand, Santosh is trying to clean the dishes only to win his potential father inlaw’s heart whereas, on the other hand, Topan Lal has set his eyes on his son’s girlfriend. And what happens in the middle of this chaos is hilarious. I would leave the rest to your imagination as giving out spoilers in not where the fun lies. You need to watch it yourself to believe that this team is absolutely nuts and that’s what is so endearing about them.


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