Want To Live Inside An Ice- Cream This Summer?

The White Window, a home décor store by Twinkle Khanna, unveils a line of exquisite home accents titled ‘THE ICE CREAM COLLECTION’, inspired by the classic food in the form of quirky manifestations this spring – summer. I want all of them in my life! I am sure, you would need them in yours too.



The White Window - Ice cream bedspread

The room essentials are available in two very versatile colors – beige and blue. Being cozy was never this appetizing.


The White Window - Icecream cone candles

The sculpted candles are available in cream, golden, and brown colours which gets its cue from the all –time favorite vanilla and chocolate ice-creams. The compendium also features ‘Naples’, a container scented candle with a refreshing blend of orange and lime with a dollop of vanilla. These candles are made from the finest vegetable-paraffin wax mix and lead-free wicks.

The White Window - Naples Scented container candles


You can get all of these goodies at –
The White Window Store
330, Palatial Building, Ground Floor,
21st Ambedkar Road,
Bandra (West)
Mumbai – 400050.



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