All Things Fresh…

Summer is approaching and I am getting very excited. It calls for so many things fresh. Be it in the kitchen or your bathroom. This is the time, I make sure I buy everything that has a fresh scent to it. Because you don’t want to be found dead with that stinking sweat. You know what I mean right!

So here are some refreshing things that you absolutely need in your summer list… They are so irresistible…

Orange and Lemon Face Mask

Is it only me, or even you want to use everything with absolutely minimal amount of chemicals when Summer approaches. So Khadi is one of those brands thats your calling then.  And this Orange and Lemon Face Mask is for you if you have oily skin.  The beautiful smell of citrus from lemon and orange will not make you feel claustrophobic in this heat, so you would want to use this product again. You can also use this with rose water or milk if plain water is not enough for you.

Except this face pack, the other things that I drooling over this time is a great selection of soaps. Because, the more the merrier… Isn’t it? So here we go.

Mountain Musk Soap 

This soap is made of Argan Oil, honey suckle extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Honey Extract, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, and Vitamin E Acetate. So you know, its as natural as it can get.

PS: It has been rumored since ancient times that musk fragrance is an aphrodisiac.

Southern Spice

The main ingredients here is Cardamom Essential oil.  It happens to be a natural anti- bacterial, cardamom essential oil is good in fighting skin infections and its usage gives a feeling of freshness and stimulation. It also has Rose Petal extract which moisturizes your skin while it helps in skin toning so it can  combat the appearance of wrinkles.

PS: My people with sensitive skin, go for this one!

Under the Ocean Soap

A fresh aquatic fragrance that feels like a splash of clear crystal blue water on your body. What else do you need this summer? Right?  It is a unique blend of Aloe Vera Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Honey, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed Wheatgerm Oil, and Vitamin E Acetate,SeaWeed Extracts & Jojoba Oil They don’t just work as moisturizers but are soothing agents as well. Sweet Almond Oil is an extremely beneficial skin care ingredient.

PS: Sea Weed is my personal favourite. If given a chance, I might just use everything sea-weed.

So, go and make sure that your summer is full of scent!

All these soaps are by Nyassa.  I love it’s exclusive range of bath and body products created because they are entirely natural, wholesome and beneficial ingredients for a perfect summer

You can buy all of this  from Amazon of course because where else would you find a wide range of everything that you need. Click on the photos here to directly add the product to your cart.


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