#Hairblog: Adhuna Bhabani, The One Behind The Mean Mane Game

Over the last decade and a half, we have seen Bollywood significantly evolving in creating stylized looks for its characters. You know what is the common denominator bringing them together?

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It is nothing but Adhuna Bhabani’s B Blunt  that has played an integral part on this transformational journey. Remember the times when most protagonists sported a similar hairdo in every film we went and watched? But Adhuna came and changed the tresses into something that was mean and people could not resist ever since.

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With DIL CHAHTA HAI, B Blunt  broke this traditional mold, making hair design critical to establishing the look of a character as the key identifier to that particular film. There has been no looking back since! Today, she is the woman behind styling credentials for over 50 of Bollywood’s most iconic characters and till date B Blunt remains the go-to place for everything to do with hair.

Adhuna Bhabani, Founder and Creative Director, Blunt, along with 7 of India’s top beauty bloggers have just revealed this secret in B Blunt’s first-ever Bollywood-inspired video. The video, a journey back in time that strings together four of Bollywood’s blockbuster, fan-favourite films, showcases what inspired Blunt to create these seven stunning shades.

 Check out the video here: 

 “Bollywood as a culture and with its reach, is huge not only in India, but globally. A product range and the launch of a salon-quality hair colour at home that resonates our Bollywood journey had always been a goal that Avan Contractor and I aspired towards ever since we set out to style our first film. With the successful launch and positive feedback on the vibrancy of each shade and the long-lasting shine delivered, it was about time we told our audience the Bollywood backstory that made the Salon Secret dream a reality. This short film got me all nostalgic; the entire experience was like reliving the moments, hard work and learnings we had on the sets of each of these films. I appreciate the team work that has gone into the making of this and I’m so excited to see the final cut with the special effects in place.” Be ready to step into a world of imagination, inspiration and a lot of SHINE!”- Adhuna Bhabani.


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